FLOWER COOLERS is our specialty

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FLOWER COOLERS is our specialty
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As a family owned and operated business, we have come to understand the importance of quality in everything we do. The craft of our work dates back to the early 1900s when Karl Lauer designed the original Flot-Aire floral cooling system---a design that has since been perfected through three generations of the Lauer family. That's why you can trust the quality of our floral refrigerators. We've had time to really learn our products and our customers to better suit your needs today.

Serving the Flower Shop industry coast to coast with Flower Walk in Coolers, Storage Coolers and Display Coolers.

Our coolers are designed to be elegant, strong and dependable. With low air flow and higher humidity, these revolutionary machines ensure that flowers stay beautiful year-round.

Faithfulness is like the flowers of the field

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